I have always appreciated English and the art of communication. However, I never expected Speech 210 to take my understanding of speaking and listening and turn it on it’s ear to a new critical viewpoint. How we communicate is truly a big deal. Of course, when we dissect speech factoring in body language and the many audiences that our speech may need to filter through we find layers of empirical data that we never experienced.

At a practical level, effective communication is paramount in a fast-paced world that seems to take it for granted. From last class, it would seem that someone I know—(a Virgo)—seems to rely on logic primarily to analyze most situations. Most of the time this is fairly effective. However, my observation concludes that logic must be used with a special attention to people. Some people pay attention to the WHO.

Some people much more than others. I’m very guilty of this. Sometimes the problem with communication is that people are not careful to consider the various variables of the environment.  When it comes to how I communicate, I think that I tend to use feelings over logic to analyze situations. Some people empathize while some criticize and then there people who are exceptions to the rule, they can always say something that makes you feel at ease no matter what situation they happen to be facing.

There’s an online personality test that speaks  volumes about how one interacts with others. So as a fun experiment, I suggest readers go to http://www.humanmetrics.com

Sometimes it’s better to know your personality before you get involved other persons. It might save you a world of heartache.

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