In my life, I am very much a man that likes a certain level of control when it comes to situation. As I get older, I am slowly learning to relinquish control to other people. Kelly Rowland recently released a song called Commander. She commanded her listeners to dance. We dance through communication as it ebbs and flows but today I was reminded that communication is more a thought process, than an action. Unfortunately, you can’t always command your expectation of a situation. In life, we must measure and critique our responses to communicate more gracefully. Levelheadedness is a super-attribute.

I must be sure to overcome my apprehension about the course and the teacher by reeling in my line ever so delicately. I never knew the roadmap of communication was so very vast. I think often our intimidation with learning something new is our hurried attitude to not fall behind. In all of my classes this semester, I long to keep tight control over my academic success. If I’m still pissed about the implementation of the contract and ambivalent about my execution, it’s very possible that I’m driven to turn all my courses and their details into percentages and grades rather than puzzles, problems, complications, and contradictions.

The point needs to be made. I know that communication is never straight to the point. I realize that details are really important, but the pathway to my success depends heavily on taking details and turning them into concrete action. It’s going to take some real work for me to ease into all of this. It seems that Ms. Sells’ presentation was detail oriented even though we were afforded the ability to experience building the “communication model” using hands-on objects. One quote from this website seems to some up my experience in this class:

Communication is not an absolute, finite thing. Particularly, communication with language is always vague and misleading to some extent.

Quote from the following literature :

Hopefully, I can get a FINITE path to excellence going.

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