Shark in the Water

Today’s lecture taught me well that sometimes we take for granted the body language that is so critical to communication. We can communicate that we understand things, but our body language and our words must match up to avoid confusion. Effective communication is very hard to do because bridging the gap between  hearing and observing and understanding and applying information is very difficult. It seems that no matter how much we think we know about a situation, we can NEVER KNOW it all. The irony of communication is that choosing not to communicate is still communication. The shark in the water is often what we don’t say. It scares me that my nonverbal self is really what people are looking at. I think it’s because I, many times am highly unaware of what my nonverbal self is actually saying.  The other issue is that I find myself adjusting so much to my environment that often my personal feelings about an issue may be put at odds with maintaining harmony with relationships.  VVBrown released a song that seems to echo my rich sentiment. It’s called “Shark in the Water”. The lyrics talk about a relationship in which Brown explains she doesn’t mean to cause harm by talking about that “Shark”. She just wants you to come around and realize that you may need to do something about it. Sometimes the policy of grievances in a relationship is just a bunch of much ado about nothing. Often, this stance just brings with it a tide of dissension. Although this song is about a past boyfriend who was stalking her, the metaphor speaks volumes about communication.  Immediately, I think the song could say that there is inherent danger in taking your life and accomplishments more seriously than you need to.

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