The Culture Calamity

I know someone is probably looking at the title of this entry, and scratching their head. Culture is a very confusing paradigm. Dr. Sells spent her lecture highlighting how America to become diverse practiced deep assimilation. Yes, that would mean that we basically forced people to augment or hide their native identities to gain the “power” we have. Here’s the problem with that: Coercion breeds resentment. Resentment feeds hatred and violence. To favor diversity means learning to accept the many aspects of a person different from you. The mention of ethnocentrism in class today made me remember taking Literature and Ethnicity. The first thing that came to mind was our study of Trifles, the story of a woman who despite all her attempts at happiness was taken for granted. It would seem that whatever she did, it wasn’t enough for her “stick in the mud” husband, who did suck all of the joy out of her hardworking farm-wife existence. In our attempts to be effective and efficient, we must understand that when we assume a person’s thought pattern for them, we run the risk of being totally in the dark about the whole scheme of things. We must be careful not to convince ourselves that our way is THE WAY for all that lives. Life is a roller-coaster that only moves forward. The question is: As we age, are we really doing all we can to leave that lasting impression. As diversity continue to change our world, we are discovering that all people must have room at the table of life. For truly the world only progresses when people shift their eyes to their neighbors. Ethnocentrism is the problem, and continued diversity is the solution.

One thought on “The Culture Calamity

  1. Good connection to other classes. I like when students see a relationship in all the things they are learning.

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