Always Saying Something

It’s easy to forget what you are saying when you’re not saying anything. I have always loved to socialize. Since I was a young child, the exchange of ideas between people has always invigorated me. I believe that this phenomenon is very much related to my love for knowledge. That said, I don’t always remember that even when I’m not talking my body is still communicating a very clear message, and people seem to sense that. Often times, it seems that if I’m too quiet it tends to say indirectly to the people around me that i’m either very busy and appear dedicated to the current task at the moment, or I’m deep in thought and something’s wrong. I was less verbal a few days ago, and my friend Michelle asked me, “Are you alright?”. Silence is the absence of vocal communication and too often as in the above instance silence can be misconstrued as something much bigger than it really is. Like many aspects of communication, silence is culturally influenced and quite complex in nature. I have assumed more times than I can remember that if I’m just simply sitting in chair or lounging on a couch, that a person automatically knows that this is what I am doing. Upon further observation, I realized that no one knows anything for sure unless of course you tell them. However, even after you have communicated the message verbally, you might still want to stick around and make sure that the message was understood. Mrs. Sells seems to highlight student comments with listening cues. So often what I hear behind each statement from a pupil is: “So if I understand you correctly. You ________ ________ about _____________ ___________,..

At the beginning of the semester, this was very weird to listen to repeatedly. However, I have realized that if I integrated this practice into my explanations of a viewpoint, I could probably maximize how I exchange ideas. Of course, this requires active listening. Active listening is a process by which a listener expresses understand of a speaker’s total message. This includes verbal and nonverbal expressions as well as thoughts and or feelings.I’m often so verbose with language and so in a hurry to explain my point of view to the other person that I never fully understand the breadth of the message. If you’re always saying something, you end up learning nothing.

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