The Come and Go Revolving Door

Chapter 9 began a discussion on interpersonal relationships. In relationships with one another there often exists a revolving door by which many different people enter and exit your life. This revolving door is much like a hotel. In hotels, the guest list is always changing like a fluid kaleidoscope of many things interchanging many hands. It would seem to me that interpersonal relationships are much like this. It was affirming to hear Mrs. Sells say that in the case of a partnership your partner’s picture of the relationship is not going to always match with yours, and that each person has their own ideals when it comes to what the relationship is supposed to be.

The impression formation -process by which one perceives and interprets another)that I built relating to my partner had much interactional contact . It seemed that all of this interactional contact for a moment made intimacy and gathering knowledge about one another difficult. Much of the time, I had one foot inside the door and one foot out of the door. I am coming to understand through research and learning via Speech 210 that some relationships are better left un-maintained and un-developed. A person must make room in one’s psyche for those times in when a relationship goes nowhere.

College life has definitely taught me that meeting others and making firm ties isn’t something that should be eagerly expected. A person who says they are your close friend now, may become an acquaintance that you stumble upon years later. It’s easy to believe that a relationship with a person was not maintained because of intra-personal dissatisfaction. Intra-personal dis-satifaction is the when a person believes that their personality or personal being caused the dissolution of an interaction which may have matured into a relationship. It’s better to accept that people will always come and go in and out one’s life. As Garbage lead singer Shirley Manson sang, the trick is to keep breathing.

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