The Situation and Conversation

Conversation never has to be about depth or anything controversial. Involving personal matters is not small talk. Small talk is in itself a social experiment. Small talk involves basic topics of agreement. Sometimes when engaging in conversation, I tend to forget to observe conversation feedback. I am often so elated to participate in a great conversation that feedback eludes me. Feedback is information given back to the source. I was talking to my friend about another person that called me on the telephone. For a brief moment, I was receiving positive feedback from my friend about the exchange. However, as I began to express my feelings about what had transpired, I noted that feedback had all but dried up. I backed away from the topic and quickly began talking about something else. Make an effort to note the small details of a conversation more closely, you might be surprised just where the focus really is.

Many conversations have an underlying purpose. However, if we as human beings simply speak and exchange ideas with others for pleasure, we often forget the aim of a conversation. As a means of interaction, conversation is a means to cut through tensions related to intimacy issues. Whether you meet a random person at a coffee shop or in the confines of an elevator, a few brief words are the refreshing icebreaker that build the potential for really surprising outcomes.  It’s imperative that we follow some unwritten rules, but conversation is usually pretty fun to have as long as we continue to be ourselves.

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