Equity and Realism

Equity Theory claims that you develop and maintain relationship to the extent that your ratio of rewards and cost is equal to your partners. Devito seems to believe that generally people in Western Culture find greater satisfaction evaluating relationships this way. It is my belief that subscribing to such an analysis, means that a relationship can be viewed as competition for greatness instead of a mutual adventure that is experienced by two. This theory seems to neglect the value that is emotional sacrifice. It also implies that a great relationship is based on equal cost and equal benefits. Analyzing this further, we find that since people are wired differently. People also interpret things differently. One may ask: What is considered “cost” and what is considered “benefits”? The reality is that every relationship is complex. Much of the time, what constitutes equality is unable to be quantified.

One thought on “Equity and Realism

  1. I really like your point. Everything in Western culture, particularly the US, seems to revolve on economics and tit for tat.

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