Blameless and Harmless

One of the biggest rehearsals that you don’t prepare for is grace under pressure. Many people will try to tell you that grace under the adversity of life is not possible. Of course, those people haven’t tried hard enough. The stereotype is that to be hollow in spirit, means to be weak and be everyone’s doormat. However, the perfect illustration of humility is the complete denial of self. Of course, not a single human in existence can deny themselves in the way, that Jesus denied himself. However, we can come remarkably close. The real answer is not in the task itself, but in the approach surrounding it.

The subject of Calculus teaches students about the value of limits. Limits are never definite, they only focus on vicinity. The inside, around, over, and through of things is quite interesting.So how do we start our journey to brighter pastures? We first need to understand that logic alone is inadequate when evaluating people, because it doesn’t account for those emotional, just because moments in human life. Concentrate on patience. There’s a persistent patience that must be practiced as we live. It’s the only way that we can fight against that whole “foot in mouth” syndrome that messes up even the best laid plans. This patience means that when someone reacts in a way that we don’t like, we don’t “let them have it”.

We force ourselves to think against our first mind. Usually, the first action is the wrong one because the urge to look out for ourselves is all too powerful. We internalize that we must see after ourselves… that no one will ever care enough to take care of us. However, that’s the wrong answer.With a wonderful spirit, a hopeful outlook, and gentle demeanor, i.e. (ignoring the urge to rage against uncomfortable people and situations) we learn that “it gets better”. The process isn’t overnight, and sometimes, we get it wrong, but the TRYING to fix it is the better half of the battle.

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