A Common Celebration

Life isn’t really life until you’ve engaged yourself with people who you’d otherwise never talk to. Of course, as a base premise this sounds like the stupidest thing ever, because it goes quite a bit against that rule of “never talking to strangers”. The first thing I want to say about that is that: Parents put that rule into place for their kids safety because kids are vessels of life that are led by your example. The example a parent gives a child about them is usually the one that sticks with them for the majority of their lives. And if you’re a child who has very much to learn about the life around you, chances are you aren’t trying to talk a person that may have every intention of harming you. So why are you making the effort to go against the rule in your later adulthood?

Well, if you’re socializing with many different types of people, and forging bridges that otherwise would not be there, you have the chance to network with people who may later on be the people that can help you make things happen, that you probably won’t really do all on your own. It’s the whole viewpoint that people make the world go around. It’s not you. It’s those around you that shape and influence who you are. And it really is all up to you, to choose what role in life you which to play. There are several people who miss out on much of the beauty in life because they choose to be the “bitch” in life. What I mean is: Peace tends to follow people who strive for common ground, and if they can’t make common ground appear between those inherently different people, then they put all their effort into doing all the things that achieve for them a manageable middle-ground. Good natured individuals may not always win, but if they are constantly striving to respect themselves and others around them, they win much more than this life could give them.

Never be afraid to learn about new places, new people, and new things. At the end of the day, if you’ve done your homework you’ll gain the brightest future you ever could have. The real prize of living is associating with those who may or may not deserve your respect. Respect them. If you get hurt, don’t let it make you a hard-hearted bastard. Learn a lesson about it, and move on to the next phase of your life understanding that it’s only a bump in the road that doesn’t have to infect your entire life.

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