Respect VS. Entitlement

There’s so much to be learned about human beings, when you are simply living your life and observing the people and situations that you ecounter. I noted very quickly from my own family members and quite a few people that I’ve known throughout my life, that there’s a very different idea that is spreading itself around. And the idea isn’t necessarily something good. It seems that some people live their lives with the expectation of entitlement. This special group of people insists that respect be handed to them as a demand. They logically suggest that respect is earned mostly by the quality of the work they put forth and not by the humility of the effort or the spirit of the journey. Therefore, they automatically assume that if they are hard workers they will prevail quickly. Entitlement suggests that there is a guaranteed level of success. The essence of human life does not conform to the confines of a law book or even the merits of hard work. True success is more accurately measured by the respect that we show to others, whether they deserve respect or not. Respect is the beginning and end of every dream. Respect is the cornerstone of charity. Lasting respect is earned every day by remembering that every time you get out of bed, there’s always a chance you might not make it back. For life is not a guarantee, but a short stream of happenings, that lead to a death that may or may not be remembered. It helps to have faith in good things, in good people, in good words, in anything good, in a smile. It’s better to realize that the blossoming of one’s life usually rests on another person’s shoulders. The trouble is: People let their selfishness cause them to forget just how connected things in this world truly are. So if you feel entitled to anything, please stop it!

You’re only fooling yourself!

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