Excellent Ears

Your mouth is so very easy to open. You put food into it. You drink stuff. You even like to converse about everything under the sun that may or may not be your business. But, what about your ears? Yeah! You know, those two things that are attached to your head, that pick up sound. Right now, mine happen to be picking up the sound of clicking keys on a keyboard. Your ears are actually much more useful than they appear to be. Oh sure, you fry the drums of your ears with loud music from that iPod, but really you might want to start treating them with more care.

Your ears are the most important part of your body. Tuned properly, they are able to instinctively note the sound of trouble. The point of it all is: Pay close attention to the things you hear and really listen. There are some that listen with the intent of burdening others. There are some that listen just because they happened to be there when all the commotion was going on. And then there are some that listen just because it’s fun to gossip about everything that has nothing to do with them.

However, ears are the instruments that really help the body and soul to grow seeds of wisdom, love, and peace. What you listen to everyday can either harm you or hurt you. If you are always hearing trouble, discord, and discontent around you. You kind of seek to become a product of that discontent. Unless, you choose to practice control. Learning is repetition. Learning is doing something over and over again, until you have actually “mastered” it. There is no hesitation. You can rest assured that you are correct because you have done the same thing over and over and each time tossed aside the error that tripped you up.

With our ears, we must build an inner filter, to hold in the good and nurturing and dispel the hurtful and damning things that seek to try and eat at us.

With quiet confidence, you can get some excellent ears.

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