A Sign of Growth

Hello,  Readers.

The last I left you all, I was on the eve of  celebrating my 27th birthday. As of now, I am currently 5 years past that point. I have shown signs of growth.

The thing about growth is: Growth can go in many directions. As humans, we either grow together or we grow apart. Why am I saying that humans grow in many directions?

It’s because I have come to an understanding that a person’s character development resembles the growth characteristics of a well-rooted tree. If you’ve ever examined the root system of a tree, you will see that the roots of it expand outwardly. Once that tree is grounded with its root system, it takes a great deal of change to move that tree away from its foundation.

People are like trees because they too are fixed and planted. Humans are heavily reliant upon what nurtures them. What nurtures us can either be evil or good. To be clear, if people are fixed on growing in hatred and judgment. This root of hatred and judgment spreads outward to all in that person’s environment.

Humans are susceptible to ideas and people that can be toxic for their own personal growth. When people grow together with the proper roots, love and truth are easier to capture. However, when humans are rooted heavily in hatred and judgment, love and truth are ideas that can easily be perceived with rejection and arrogance. People with unresolved pain will war over their exposure to what love and truth are really about. This is because the arrogant in heart, are often the last to welcome love and truth as it takes shape. Many reasons exists as why this behavior occurs.

The reality is: Some people will never truly accept real genuine love because they haven’t truly loved themselves in the best way.

For these few, the idea of love is more about attention, praise, and accomplishment. For these few, authentic love is an elusive dream that is more about duty versus real honesty.

When I left community college, I was in a very tragic way. I was more depressed than ever. I did everything I could to mask my pain. And then, I met a person that would help me realize my potential. To date, we are still friends and our friendship isn’t perfection, but it’s taught me so much about purpose, support, and growth.

I’m 31. I’m a student now at different school. I have a different set of goals and I am altogether thankful that one person believed in me enough to renew my hope. We need people who show us the sign to growth, the sign to new life, the sign to rebuild, the sign to restore, and the sign to reclaim.

People are that sign. People can either be rooted in pain, or rooted in love.


Let me close my passage with this: We must be rooted in love. It takes HARD love…. love that continue regardless of how mean and evil one is treated… to produce any lasting growth.

Paul prayed for this love in Ephesians : He said- (I pray) that you know the love of Jesus Christ which (is so great) it surpasses (anything that the human mind can learn) —knowledge —-and that you are filled full of God.

Why? Because God is so great he can do more than what we think and feel according to the power that can work through us —-if we believe and TRY hard!

Because faith without works is dead… James 2:20

We can grow beyond our problems, but we must have the right roots!






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