Christmas Appreciation

I have seen many Christmases. Most of the Christmases I have had are complete with all of the same fair. However, this year’s Christmas has been new. Nothing beats sharing the holidays in an atmosphere in which sharing is encouraged. Christmas and Thanksgiving are holidays in which family is important because we all are encouraged to share with each other. However, Christmas is difficult to share and enjoy if sharing is all about work. Why celebrate Christmas if we are stuck working all of the time. The repetitive work of cooking, decorating, shopping, and travelling can get to be overwhelming. When the gifts stop coming and the stores close, what is the best thing to appreciate about a holiday like Christmas?

Christmas is all about the NOW. Christmas is all about the people that God gives you to share it with. I can be thankful that my holiday is filled with people that truly want to share with me.

One can definitely appreciate Christmas when one celebrates it around people who are willing to share the blessings that they have been given with others. The quality of those you share with determines whether the holidays are truly something that you can look forward to.

I’m thankful to God for the reflection of these last few days. I’ve learned more about what is important to me. I’ve finally understood the power of living around people who truly care to exchange ideas and thoughts with others. I’ve examined key differences in people that actually seek to exchange with you.

I’m thankful for Christmas. The day is more important than the gifts. Jesus is still the reason for the season. The spirit of Christmas is something you feel. It’s not found in any of the material things of Christmas. It’s all about the sharing of time, the reflection of life, and the condition of the spirit.

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