Ignorance is Bliss

What is Ignorance? Google defines ignorance as: a lack of knowledge or information. It is formed from the latin word “ignotus” which means the “unknown”.In the Christian bible, Hosea prophesied that God’s chosen people would be destroyed by a lack of knowledge. If we all persist in ignorance the only option is destruction. Of course, that sounds extreme. It also sounds bleak and paints a picture of desolation. Lately, America has popularized ignorance. Freedom regardless of its social purpose always brings with the opportunity for more unhealthy pride.  Look at the popularity of some of the purposeless exclamations of presidential candidates like Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, and Marco Rubio. This observation is not to say that these men running for president are not intelligent. I also reject the idea that Republicans are the only ignorant people who want to run the country. There are also some other politics that use anger as a motivation to receive support. It’s accurate to say that that people sink to incorrigible lows for the purpose of gaining the public’s affection, adoration, and anger. Lately, anger seems to be the prevalent emotion that follows the politics of today.

We’ve ignorantly concluded that if we can make someone angry and hateful enough that they will abandon all common sense and self examination to latch on to the opinions of others. Every institution is created for a distinct purpose but all institutions have weak points to them. Higher education has its purpose but too much higher education without proper education of the world can be a recipe for disaster.

Living in the information age comes with its own brand of ignorance. We all run the risk of becoming addicted to our devices. We are bold enough to share with the world when the computer is our only “friend”. The web becomes our book. The followers become our coffee. The likes become our praise. When we get out into the real world; we struggle to form lasting connections with people. Ignorance is scary. Consequently, a lack of real connection with people forces us into an anxiety technical world of obsession, oppression, and obliviousness. If we want to be less ignorant.

We must read. Read from a variety of sources. Don’t settle for the first sensational spread of stories. Check your references. There are plenty of people waiting to cash on the first easily led person who believes in a hoax.

We must write. Writing gets a bad rap. Good writing skills have been spoken against since the dawn of social media. We’ve got many people with a Twitter account that don’t know the basic things about parts of speech. It’s really a sad situation.

We must think. In the YouTube universe, we are all trying to find the shortest way to do something. I have learned that some things are not worth taking a shortcut. Common sense does not replace higher education and vice-versa. We will never learn the value of thinking critically if we don’t have the right community of people to motivate us.

Don’t let your ignorance be your bliss. Don’t settle for one opinion, get several knowledgeable viewpoints. Read. Read. READ. People who read have better conversation and they understand the meaning of context.







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