The Battle

People often believe that the key to winning a struggle is simplicity. Moreover, we quite readily tell ourselves: “If I just stay away from “this kind” of person…I can make it. ” We foolishly figure, that’s all we have to do. Fear gets unbelievably intense. Loneliness still persists. When we reach an uncontrollable plateau, we often find the simplest fix to get rid of the emotional and physical pain we feel. Much of the time, we do not truly attack it at the source. We just patch it up. We absorb anything we need to in order to forget the struggle. Maybe, the right term is not “forget”. Maybe, we wish to prolong the struggle.  The scariness of radical change is a little too difficult for us to undertake.

We turn to things! Music, books, movies, coffee, alcohol, travel, and people are excellent distractions from inner turmoil.  We rely on any activity that allow us to numb the pain. We do make inches of progress toward the problem, but we regress because it’s more comfortable to evade the truth than face it.

Ephesians 6:12 says: For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

So, let’s look at this critically. For we wrestle… What does it mean to wrestle. Think WWE. We are trying to fix something. We are struggling. What is flesh and blood? Well, those are the two things that our human bodies are made of. Flesh and blood. These things are within us, and on the outside of us. What’s a principality? It’s a kingdom. Think of it as a state or a territory.

So putting this althogether… the passage looks something like this:

For WE humans don’t struggle with (the things our bodies are made of) – flesh and blood. We struggle with territory…against power… against rulers of darkness…

What’s a spirit?? Google offered a pretty decent definition of a spirit. The engine says: The nonphysical part of a person that is the seat of emotions and character; the soul.

…. against EMOTIONS and character… against the non-physical!?! WHOA!

We are fighting against that person who has an angry mindset. He or she has a very negative spirit. He or she can never say anything positive about anyone. The positive responses seldom heard are veiled in contempt.

We are fighting against that student that complains all the time about school, and never seems grateful for his education. He has a spirit of ungratefulness.

We are fighting against that woman who has a job… but is never quite grateful enough for it. She has a car. She is struggling to pay the note… but never is really all that thankful for the car. She has somewhere to live, but where she lives isn’t good enough. She wants another place to stay, and believes that this other place is the key to her happiness.

We are fighting against that mother who has never forgiven her son. She loves him. However, every time he visits her, she’s complaining about her other children’s lack of visitation, when she should be thankful that he’s come to see her consistently for the last six months. Maybe, she has a spirit of bitterness.

The point is: The evil is not contained on their bodies. You can clean your body with soap, and still have much inner war. Not one of these people are really “EVIL”. But their deep character issues and toxic emotions are a part of the wrestling match. They are in the “struggle”.

Our wrestling is not “PHYSICAL”. There are times when we need to subtract things to see the full vision of our wrestling.  Sometimes we don’t understand the full picture of a damaging environment until we have had time away from it.

We can get away from a person, but being away from a person does not take away what happens on the inside of us. If we have a past hurt of rejection, getting away from the person that caused the rejection is not the end of the problem.

Jesus had to “STRUGGLE” to fulfill his purpose as the Savior of the World. We have to wrestle for our place in this world, and to wrestle is fight for the soul. Our patience of will does run out. We will be angry!  Consequently, there is something more intangible that keeps us going. Believing in faith and spirit does not limit trials and problems. They actually amplify them.

With God, I overcome Cerebral Palsy. With God, I am educated. With God,I still find peace. With God, I know that if everyone leaves me… I am still going to live and prosper. With every battle that comes, there is a beginning and an end. Problems do not last forever! Depression is treatable. Diseases are curable. People can change.

The things that are truly priceless require sacrifice! Sometimes winning the battle involves changing the strategy.

Life either gets better in battle, or worse. God created people with power so they would affect change. If you’re not changing for the better, it’s up to you to go inward and find out why.

Do not let the “struggle” win!










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