The Signs of Deception

Deception has a signature uneasiness. Known manipulators plan worlds ahead of their victims. They map the impending failure of humans with meager prospects. Those humans are attracted to the air of self-assuredness their manipulators model to the world.

The person with low self-esteem thinks this way: Person A is great. She always stands up for herself. She always gives others a piece of her mind.

The lowly give no second thought to praising their tormentor. It seems obvious to that her false pride is attractive. The lowly admire it because they would like it for themeselves. How can she be so bold? Logically, an over-abundance of pride is surely an absence of humility. This condition is commonly known by some as: “not seeing the forest for the trees”. Yes, the tree of dishonesty is marked with a chamber of secrets.

We often find that  emotional vulnerability and over-inflated pride are precursors to guilt, shame, and betrayal. Being gay in a heterosexual world is sometimes the cause of poor self-worth.  We can also say that being multi-ethnic in a world pre-made for white domination can also deceive and manipulate humans that had the potential to emerge resilient. Their minds became enslaved to choices and consequences that may have been avoided.

Are there any people of virtue? Yes, but many people with the ferocious temperament of Michael, the archangel, are waiting for the doe-eyed newbie to destroy. The pure-hearted are usually  victims of emotional, verbal, and spiritual abuse. Manipulators have told them: If you obey me, you’ll live. If you trust me, you’ll survive. The manipulated are fed their latest bit of half-truth and sent on their merry way. Jesus death was a good timeless example of manipulation at its best. So here are some signpost to help you understand when you’re in the throes of a person that might deceive you.

  1. Specific questions get indefinite answers.

Ex: What time do you think you’ll be back?

Well, Sandra has to go to work at 5, and I have that appointment at 2.

My dad has jury duty for 10.

  • If a definite answer cannot be given, there is a problem. If a story that has nothing to do with the question follows… there is a problem.


2) If you feel pressured to reveal your schedule, or your list of priorities only to find that the person you reveal them to doesn’t share or contribute anything similar.

There’s a problem.


3) If a person complains that you don’t call them enough, but you have called numerous times only to get the sense that there is no give and take from them.

There’s a problem.

4) If a person assumes that you know something, but they haven’t done the work to explain why you should know something….

There’s a problem.

5) If a person knows something you need, and won’t give it to you unless you change your values to suit theirs— and you know their values are not good values….

There’s a problem.

Manipulators love to say that you’ve never loved them. They’ll say you’re unkind. Remember, every child misbehaves when they do not get their way. Manipulators act out when their subjects choose to think for themselves.



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