Honest Questions

I have a question… Can I be a African-American man who supports responsible police and loves my country? Can I also love Jesus and actually be a man of faith?

Can I support people’s right to own a gun while applauding responsible gun owners who use discretion and protect people? I’d be foolish to negate the fact that not every one who uses a gun, is using it for the right purpose.

Can I be skeptical about the idea that it’s irresponsible for people to tell me that we should leave gun laws unchanged, when gun violence has escalated so fervently that bullets have blurred the labels of ethnicity, sex, gender, orientation, etc. Lately, I think about the innocent women who died at the hands of John Houser in Lafayette, LA at The Grand Theater. I’ve been to this place quite a few times with my best friend. Those women were was just out at the Whenever I go to the movies,I’m also aware that something like that could happen again. I think those lost lives were just as important as my own.

Can I think that “Black Lives Matter” has good intentions, while not being totally sure that everything they do is effective?

Can I acknowledge that I am more afraid of a Trump presidency, than a Clinton one. Early on, I believe that Clinton’s womanhood was enough for me to support her. I also will vote for her because my character and experience would never allow me to vote for a person like that. Can I tell you that having only one black U.S. president is monumental for People of Color, when we consider that he’s the only black man who has been a U.S. president. I would like to see more than one black president before God calls me home.

I am not yet convinced that Donald Trump is the warm person that his family says he is. Can I be a champion of diversity and respect for all humankind, while also acknowledging that people should not have a binary understanding of political views that are multifaceted.

I want to believe that Donald Trump is for America, but I’ve been watching and his conduct is reprehensible. As a city Baton Rouge, has always been the kind of city of polarization. Many people run to a good party, but when something terrible happens those same people are slow to take responsibility.

I’m a disabled person and the fact that a U.S. presidential candidate makes fan of the disabled does not make me happy. Although, Trump did so in November 2015, it’s not something that makes me want to vote for him.


I’m a person with Cerebral Palsy, I’ve lived with it all my life. I have had enough life experience to know the pain of being ridiculed. I’d never want a president who believes that it’s cool to make fun of any person that has a mental or physical disability.

The RNC looks like a railing car accident. I am trying hard to learn from several media sources just what specifically the RNC actually wants in this “great America” they are fantasizing about. I have questions… and I’m trying to get them answered.

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