The Romper Room

In the conclusion of the The Family Stone, Owen Wilson’s character, Ben Stone says as he plugs in the Christmas Tree: “And then cried Max: Let the wild rumpus start!”. That right there is one of the only references I have to rumpus, other than a romper room. Imagine my face when I was asked: Would you wear a romper?

I went to Google and gawked at these images of people who had boldly decided to defy gender norms. According to definition, women wear rompers, and supposedly some person decided to popularize the “male version” because it’s summer and that idea is “trending”.  Those pictures reminded of those Snuggie blankets and that old SNL sketch about Mom Jeans. No disrespect, but what do I gain from wearing a garment that that fits like footie pajamas, or worse a mini-version of a bathrobe. If you’re a man going to tan and swim on the beach:  wear some trunks or wear a speedo, but think hard about the romper.

The hilarity of this garment is hidden in the word. I’m a person who loves irony and satire. I eyed the situational irony in this meme induced cloud of foolishness the moment I heard the word.

Let’s learn:

Situational irony is a language idea. Put simply, it’s when we expect something and the opposite of what’s expected happens.  To romp is to play, lounge, or frolic. While a person might play in a romper. The response that comes from wearing the garment might truly not be one of relaxation.

People don’t think about the sexual messages that clothing communicates until the messages make us uncomfortable. That’s the situational irony, the idea that wearing a romper might make us attractive, happy, or clever.

I’m not against anyone who wears them. I’m a skeptic and the newest fad doesn’t impress me much.






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