The Alien and Sedition Act. The X, Y, Z Affair. and The Haitian Revolution. All these events after the much hollowed Revolutionary War. (1798) The United States of America shares the same sanguine sentiment about the time “the people” aggressively sought the right to strong arm the country that drove them insane. July 4, 1776 marked the beginning of the end for British dominion. But why are Alien and Sedition Acts and The Haitian Revolution salient in my mind today? Perhaps it could be that I realize that without immigrants America would have no independence.

There is no America with including all the non-white men and women who worked to make this country great. The Alien and Sedition Act was a reaction to immigrants. What better way to ensure immigrants never become Americans, than to lengthen the citizenship process from five to fourteen years. The fight for Haitian Independence scarred American politics because we wanted French money for Britain, because supposedly we were independent.

The thing about American identity you need to know is: We had a history of using other people to advertise a lie to the “unsuspecting onlookers”. We preached about freedom, opportunity, and independence and we were never the island we represented.

As you celebrate our nation’s independence day, think on the Election of 1800, the dawn of Federalism, and the extended time it took to establish true independence from British subjugation. The cost of the American manifest destiny is more than just an ephemeral occurrence. Real people have denied themselves for us to live pursuant to the cause of freedom, justice, and liberty, and behind the red, white, and blue, is a red stain that is bleached away by an idea of purity. Know your American history. It’s not a story independent of the vultures of race and social genocide.

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