The Reservoir

Yesterday on the way to exercise, I read my Jesus Calling Devotional. I didn’t have time to read it before I left home. So when my friend saw my book, he instinctively shut off the radio. Listening intently, he drove us to meet someone who told us she had wanted to “going for a walk”. What awaited our arrival was actually far more sedentary. It would be quite the stretch to say we actually “walked” anywhere. I will say more about that in a minute. For now, I’d rather focus on the devotional. The devotional encouraged believers to focus. Because Jesus is present in everything, we should minimize distractions when we focus on HIM. I was directed to John 15. This is the timely passage that refers to Jesus as a root.

Isaiah predicted that Jesus would be the root of Jesse.

Who here reading can recall “I am the vine and ye are the branches”? I began to unpack that scripture while considering relationships. To keep a plant vibrant and living, we must take care of the water, the amount of sunlight, and we must also prune its branches. We must also make sure that the water is not contaminated.

If I were a plant, Jesus is the soil. My parents symbolize the water. My point If the water is toxic, the plant fails to grow. Worse yet, the fruit it bares may be no good to me our anyone else. And that’s only if it actually bears fruit.

A human being is like a plant. It’s a reservoir. What is planted into us, comes out of us, and through us.

Let’s bear that in mind.

So, I believed I was going on a walk. However, it was more like a talk. We walked into the mall, in a store and outside that store again. But that did not achieve the purpose we set to accomplish. We had walked but not very far. She complained that she was tired and never resolved to make another attempt.

The bulk of our conversation relied on a narrative which led me to conclude, that something was lacking in the roots of her reservoir. A reservoir is the natural supply of something. It can also be a storehouse.

She had stored up pain and seemed intent on talking about that pain with me. In turn, I ended up sharing my pain with her. This is actually good. The bible encourages us all to share in the sorrow of others. This is fine. But why didn’t she say this in the beginning?

Be wary of anyone begins an outing predicated on a lie. There may be more lies to follow that are the result of a supply chain gone haywire.

After the meeting ended, I went to go walk again—with the person that dropped me off. And I had a better time walking because we both fulfilled our purpose.

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