To Strive, To Seek, To Find

Aging shows me everyday that context matters. When you study books–the Holy Bible is a book–the passage context is serious. Because I believe in clarity, I search for word origins because the use of a word reflects its association. The word “strive” demonstrates context beautifully.

The phrase “Strive for Greatness” defines strive as work, or struggle. But “strive” actually means compete or argue. Are we battling for greatness?

We have battled arduously for greatness. For eight years we dreamed on it with Barack Obama. But different concepts of greatness exist and the information age adulterated us into “Making America Great Again”.

Advocating violence, we rail and writhe in pain. We scream: Hear us! Listen to our knowledge, statistics, opinions, and polling. But information is not a gateway to arrogance.

Knowledge is helpful, encouraging, resourceful, and copious. But knowledge is without wisdom is a valueless anguish that severs only the holder. We strive with others and render knowledge useless because we lust for power.

The Christian community is very subversive. Christian spiritual health has taken a nosedive. The resulting shift places faith as a sword against the impoverished. And I am a Christian. It’s terrible to confront this within my own faith community. When Donald Trump became president, I was angry and mournful. My anger rose because I believed we mandated that a bully represent the American people.

However, we did this to ourselves. Anger and malice never produces what God wants. It only helps us destroy ourselves. We cannot through striving reach intangible greatness using tangible tools.

If strife is a bitter fight, striving is corrosive. Striving often leaves fighters exhausted and despondent. So how do we achieve unity amidst fervent competition?

Somewhere along the way, we stopped sharing experiences. We began crafting humans more committed to goals and not processes. We began selling the story that education without wisdom equals success. We stopped working together and worked alone.

First, my goal was having a degree. I’m 12 hours from a second degree and now I’m hoping I’ll be able to find a staff to work with so I can support myself. Business teaches is to be marketable, using our skills to compete.

Currently, marketability is contentious, as some degree owners still cannot find employment. Maybe, the answer is teach-ability. Because the competition, is becoming fierce and utterly inimical.

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