Charity’s deceit

Love can be deceitful when rendered by someone who favors strategy over journey. Humans have a horrible tendency to make charity’s discovery into a game of chance. The love of God is anything but a competitive game. Living in a modern word where comparison is condition of relationships and ideas, everyone compares people like we compare objects. We say: She’s like this and he’s like that. I am nothing like them.

But the basic idea of 1 Corinthians 13 was summarized in the very beginning passage:

It says frankly: If [people] exists in the world without mutual affection for one another, in the midst of human success, everything we acquire is just a noisy disharmonious illusion. We’re only killing ourselves.

When we bible dip—taking parts of scriptures to suit our stories—we lie. Everyone knows that: “Charity is patient and kind and doesn’t boast about itself. ”

But Let’s imagine that 1 Corinthians 13 is revised by someone afraid.

From 1 Corinthians 13 verse 4 til the end.

“Charity is aggressive and temperamental always demanding without understanding.

It is rough, arrogant and rarely apologizes because apology is vulnerable. 

Charity is sure you did it wrong. And even when you’re not guilty, charity goes on and on about how beneficial they were toward you.

Just when you think charity seems delicate with you, Charity reminds you of your failures with the goal of scaring you into submission. 

When opportunities come, Charity re-purposes your talents. Charity is so image-conscious, that charity often misinterprets the simplest intentions.

For when your humanity seems perfect, Charity is ready to destroy any sense of confidence you have. Charity believes all gossip, trusts blindly all fabrications, and hopes in illogical pursuits.

When Charity fails, it’s all because another person selfishly demanded accountability. Charity can never fail, because it must win at all costs, even if that means hiding something blatantly factual.

When I was a child, I spoke like an adult. I told myself I’m an adult before I was mature. When I became a man, I covered childish things. Now, I see things clearly. People say I’m crazy, but they don’t know what I know.

And now all around me are despondency, fear, and control, and the greatest of these is fear. ”

If perfect love is not afraid, then fear is what destroys Godly love. You can’t say you love a person if you control that one. We cannot have authentic charity with people we cannot trust. And why don’t we trust the people we “love”?

Because the people we love have lost that awareness that might actually make the love truthfully. We often love the image of a person, rather than the provable, tangible, sensed, things that we’ve had years to experience.

When we forgive we let our faith blind us to the character flaws we see, because thinking on those things of good report seems better that disclosing to ourselves the joy of the truth.

This distorted fear causes us to place image above honesty, trust, and virtually character. We all want the picture beautiful but are afraid to confront the blemishes that make the image false. If we are made in the image of God, it’s not arrogant contempt that gets us closer to Him.

There are three things that love is not:

Love is not domination. People need the space to make responsible choices. They cannot learn to trust rightly, if someone is always going ahead of them to do it.

Love is not prison. Real love takes a level of earned freedom. Freedom must be spent in a disciplined measured way. Godly people are not destined to maintain authority if they use their freedoms to abuse and neglect institutions.

Love is not deception. We cannot lie to someone we love about things he or she should know. Every person deserves grace.

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