No Distraction

The world is wired for distraction. If we aren’t pinned down by endless social media notifications, we’re binge watching the next newest series before we’ve had adequate time to truly understand what drew us to it in first place.

Beck Hansen sings: What I need right now, is right in front of me. I’m ridiculously drawn to that song. It’s infused with my being right now because I am mining it for the collection of missed opportunities that this computerized world has stolen from me. I have right now, and I deemed to get them back.

No Distraction is a song featured in Beck’s “Colors”. I saw this, calling attention to the fact that Beck is white and I don’t know many people who appreciate his weirdness as much as I do.  But the track as a statement reads as a warning to me… to slow down in a world that wants you love or hate things instead of being uniquely ambiguous if that choice brings you closer to who you are.

When you have low self-esteem, your self-worth becomes a radio signal. And if you’re looking to others for support and re-assurance, the pressure to be a man or woman for all seasons, is unbearable.

Prayer doesn’t silence the criticism of others. Nor does it alone, teach us to edit the continuous collection of voices telling us to get our act together. Wear this blouse, pick up your feet, and sit up straight, become you laugh too much eventually becomes, why’d you buy that fabric. Or the worst yet: you’re too opinionated. The barb of over-opinion of course comes from a person you’ve watched have more opinions than money, more sass than class, and more debate than compassion.

The sad thing yet: Even distracted people educate. We all can relate to that one “exceptional” crazy person, who is family or friend that has a master’s degree but is depressed, lonely, loony, or just plain overextended. The over-extension is usually an animal of that person’s own unique creation. My point about distraction here is: Some people have lived using distraction as an advantage toward epic greatness. My mission here is to tell you that: YOU don’t need to be the same person. There’s no medal for trying to challenge yourself to be a carbon-copy of someone else.

The person with low self-worth will tell themselves that copying another person’s over-extended do everything with adrenaline, at the last second attitude is actually GOOD.

No, it’s not.

When I was 20, I couldn’t slow down because the mountain of expectation was so damn intimidating that emotions ruled my life. It would take much more failures for me to understand that the road to healing was not paved in listening to everything people told me. And forget the dream of being a writer, because I was barely able to keep up in school.

The key to not being distracted is focus and support. Without these two critical things, it’s hard to understand what things in your life are truly important.

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