A Rainbow Monday

Today, During portions of David Sedaris’s “Theft by Finding”, I began my day from my comfy daybed eyeing a beautiful rainbow on the ceiling. Maybe, the rainbow beckoned of my future. But then I recalled the Louisiana flood of 2016, a period of days where I was anything but hopeful.  That natural disaster had me wondering:  Is my grandma’s house about to flood?  Is the rain ever going to stop?

I remember interceding to God for my safety, asking the Holy Spirit to calm me down, and hoping that when the rain abated my family was safe.  Until that time, I had never felt so powerless. I remember crying and listening to Yolanda Adams’s “Open My Heart”.

But I saw a rainbow at least two separate times after that flood.

The rainbow I connected with most was seen while I rode in my aunt’s Nissan Quest after our harrowing day at Southern University as staff-person and student. My aunt is employed there and I’ve since graduated. But I remember thinking: If a rainbow can shine in the middle of campus given the day we both had,  Jehovah God must be making plans.

I believe in Jesus Christ, so that is what I’ll hope upon. The rainbow fleur-de-lis above my bed has been there for months. I struggle to think that the light show I saw was just some sunlit representation of that. That picture,  I painted some time ago during a paint party in Houma with close friends, Julie and Greg.  Given the old white plastered, primed, ceiling I look into each night, I’m hoping the rainbow in the “sky” is God’s way of saying:

I know you’re there Harold.
I see your pain. You’re going to be O.K.

I spent two hours talking with my Aunt Mavis not long after I saw the rainbow.  The spirit led me to call her. She’s one of the most hopeful people I know. We talked about family. We talked about anxiety and frustration. But we reminded ourselves about the value of preserving the spirit. I defined the word “clamor” and we talked about Ephesians 4:31.

And I guess, God put us on the same wavelength today. I didn’t tell her about the rainbow. But God’s promise to Noah about of not submerging the earth with water seems to reflect for me the fact that God never leaves us.

I don’t always see that forsake… means to NEVER GIVE UP. He said to all his children that when we work for HIM, we are never alone.

Jesus always hopes for us to wake up from our problems.  We are so temperamental and selfish. We throw our spirits away so often that I’m glad God, nor Jesus Christ are human.

People leave him. We overwhelm ourselves with pride believing that God gave us talents that we don’t have to give back to HIM. I know the rainbow means I’m headed someplace special before I close my eyes. I’m only fearing not knowing where it is. But I am sure that when God reveals the timetable and the plan… I’ll shine just like that rainbow and it will be yet another chance to preach HIS peace to a world that needs his grace.


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